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Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing Options

The Tax Department does not charge any fees or receive any type of payment from any of the companies listed on this site. Please use caution when answering certain questions or clicking on links in which the company offers extra services. These add-ons/upgrades may result in you being required to pay for their services. If you are charged an unexpected fee, we suggest that you call the help line provided by the software.

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Free fillable forms e-File FAQs

Fillable forms allows you to prepare your District resident income tax return and/or schedules by filling in your tax information online just as you would complete a paper return. It performs basic mathematical calculations and allows you to e-file your District income tax return or print your tax return for recordkeeping and filing.

Fillable forms is the tool for you if you are comfortable filling out the forms and schedules without software help or assistance. If you are not comfortable with this method, you may want to consider the DCfreefile option, or the paid e-file option.

DCfreefile FAQs

DCfreefile is a free federal and state income tax preparation and electronic filing program offered to taxpayers based on income and other qualifiers.

To ensure you can file both your federal and state returns for free, please access these Free File products from our website.

Paid e-file is for taxpayers who are not eligible for Free File and prefer an interview-based software program that navigates you through a series of questions asking only for pertinent information based on the type of return you are filing.

Many of these programs charge a small fee and can be purchased on-line or over the counter.

For information on the security measures implemented for this site, please see the Security FAQs.

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